Onion Facts

  • According to artifacts recovered in Egyptian tombs, onions have been part of our food source from 3200 BC.
  • In ancient Greece, athletes ate large quantities of onion because it was believed to lighten the balance of blood.
  • Wide-ranging medical claims have been made for the effectiveness of onions against conditions ranging from the common cold to heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, andother diseases.
  • Common onions are normally available in three colors: brown, red, and white.
  • Brown onions are full-flavored and are used for cooking almost anything. Brown onions when cooked give French onion soup its tangy sweet flavor.
  • White onions were the traditional onion used in salads, but the Spanish red onion is now more commonly used. White onions have a stronger taste, great on top of pizza’s.
  • Red onion is a good choice for use in salads, they have a mild sweeter taste than white onions.

Onion Myths and Facts – Believe or not to believe?

  • To keep your automobile windshield from frosting at night, slice an onion and rub the windshield with the onion. The juice will keep it frost-free.
  • To cure baldness, rub head with the onion. The onion juice was supposed to cause hair to grow “thick as thistles.” Note: You may have to sleep alone, but at least you’ll have hair!
  • To select your husband-to-be from among suitors, it is said that if the name of each suitor is written on an onion and then placed in a cool dark storeroom, the first onion that sprouts will be the man she should marry!

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Check out these interesting facts about onions.